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Keep Them Safe With Horserail

Horse fencing has seen a great modernization over the last 20 years, with horse owners realizing

Building Resilience and Drought-proofing Your Horse Property

Australia is a country in the grip of extreme weather bingo. Over the last year we


Enrichment means providing captive or domestic animals with a better housing situation and stimulation that replicate

Horse Health & Well-being

slow feeding hay net

Slow Your Horses Feeding Overnight

That midnight snack might not make your tummy very happy… But then again, you’re not a horse. To maintain your horse’s digestive health and general welfare, you should consider trickle feeding your  stabled horses during the night so as to better mimic natural foraging behaviours, according to an Irish researcher.

Horse Training

Boost Your Dressage Scores Part 13: The Counter Canter

During this series, I have covered the dressage judging scale from a mark of 0 to 9, explaining how the marks are awarded, and how to train and achieve the qualities the judges are looking for.  In the past two issues I talked about lateral movements, how they help promote

Horse People & Culture

horse human interactions

Safety Overhaul in the Horse Industry Will Require a Mindset Change

Every year, 20 Australians lose their lives to horse-related incidents, and hundreds more are hospitalized. But according to an industrial safety risk management specialist, it doesn’t have to be that way. If people in the horse industry followed the example of other high-risk industries and sports like mining, construction, and

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Keep Them Safe With Horserail

Horse fencing has seen a great modernization over the last 20 years, with horse owners realizing that old fashioned wire and timber fencing really is not suitable for our beloved and easily startled animals. It is easy to see why Horserail is the number one choice for keeping our horses

Protecting Queensland’s Horses is Now Easier

Many horse owners are developing action plans to keep them and their horses safe during natural disasters like bushfires and floods. But these are not the only dangers from which owners need to protect their horses. Emergency animal diseases like equine influenza and Kunjin virus  can spread far and fast

Round Bale, Feed balancers, Feeding roughage

Feed Balancers: Much More Than Simple Nutrition

Very well-established in countries like the United Kingdom, where forage-based diets have been the traditional norm, feed balancers are becoming very popular in Australia as more and more horse owners get in step with the fibre-feeding mantra and move towards healthier, low-starch forage-rich diets for their horses and ponies. We

Feeding for Weight Gain

Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them at an ideal weight. Ultimately, your horse’s ribs should not be visible, but they should be easily felt if you run your hand along your horse’s side.  A common complaint from horse

Horse Welfare

Horse euthanasia target

End-of-life Options and the Problems with Horse Slaughter

This article focuses on what the end of life options are for horses, and the advantages and disadvantages of these options.  It further discusses some of the welfare problems associated


We could reduce the slaughter of racehorses if we breed them for longer racing careers

The slaughter of horses bred for racing in Australia, as revealed in the ABC’s investigation, highlights the challenge of what to do with racehorses when their careers are over. The

Human Mindset

How to take action

Taking Action – The Simple Guide

Ok, here it goes, I am saying the ‘P’ word… Procrastination! How often do we know we have to do

Three Steps to Developing Focus

We can ride with focus or we can ride while being distracted. The difference will be enormous. The distractions can

In Search of the Equine Good Life

Once, there were the Five Freedoms—looking at what was available to the horse. Then came the Five Domains—looking at the state of the horse itself. Today, with ever-increasing public scrutiny of animal welfare and a greater understanding of their ethological needs, it’s time for a new welfare-assessment structure that looks

Dressage Training Learning Theory

Boost Your Dressage Scores Part 10: Riding the Test

In this part of the series, Manuela reveals the secrets to riding a dressage test with the accuracy and precision that will boost your scores.  In this series, Dr Andrew and Manuela McLean, founders of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC) and Directors of Equitation Science International, explain dressage judging

The Nuchal Ligament Lamellae

The Mystery of the Missing Lamellae

Our knowledge of equine anatomy may be based on outdated findings and needs to be revised. According to the anatomy books that, to date, have served as study reference to veterinarians and practitioners around the world, the nuchal ligament lamellae attaches from C2 to C6 or C2 to C7. However,

the happy horse

In Search of the Happy Horse

If you’ve been around horses long enough, you know the scene. A friend says, “Now that’s a happy horse! Just look at him!” And meanwhile, you’re thinking, “Wait, happy? Are we talking about the same horse? That’s not what I call happy.” As interest in equine welfare grows, so does

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